YouTube and Google+

Good day all, Sean here. If you have logged onto YouTube recently (or if you live on the internet, like me) you’ll know that Google has done some rather needed improvements to the comment system. If you aren’t familiar with the YouTube comments, thenĀ  I’ll quickly explain. Most of the internet referred to YouTube as having the worst comment section on the internet. This may seem like a bit of an overstatement (even though it sort of is), but from experience on the site and having ventured into the different areas of it, such as the ‘weird’ side, I can safely say that this is true. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a good laugh and read some pretty insightful stuff in the comment section. However, a lot of the time it involves people insulting each other, spam and generally struggles to provide a good discussion ground.


So what has Google done to fix this? You may have also heard of their social network called Google+, if you haven’t then get used to because Google has decided to integrate their (failing) social network into YouTube. Now this might not seem like much of a big deal, but it is. Firstly, if people want to comment or like a video, they must have integrated (or made) their own Google+ account with their YouTube account. Google sees this as the best way to remove the anonymity of the comment poster, so they are less likely to post something offensive. This comment will also be posted on their G+ page. This is what has hurt the community the most. They can no longer have a username, and if they wish to have one, they will not be allowed to comment. Even jawed (the co-founder of YouTube) commented on his own profile, asking why he needs a G+ account to comment (And has even changed his profile picture to express his hatred for it).Image

The ability to post links now gives spam bots an ‘upgrade’, and will allow them to post links directly to malicious sites. What’s even worse is that there is no spam button to hide it for the rest of the community (this is what the community was probably best at). The removal of the character limit has seen people posting ascii art and even movie scripts into the comments, showing Google how stupid the removal of the limit was. The comment section seems to be worse than ever. A big trend that is spreading is through the posting of ‘bob’, and he has appeared in most of the top videos I have watched.


As much as I like the idea of bringing a more social aspect to YouTube, forcing people to use a failing service is not the way forward. Some people are pleased with the integration and some (such as myself) aren’t really bothered and just get along with it. Google has recognised there is a problem with spam and the character limit and have said to be working to fix the problem.


And that ends my rant on the situation. I just hope that Google fixes these problems before the comment section hits rock bottom. See you next time :3

Channel Update!

Hey there! I know it’s been a while since last posting on this blog, but I thought I would just inform you about some updates to the channel. The first one being that I have changed my YouTube username (sort of) by using my Google+ account name on my YouTube channel. So from now on, my videos will be made by ‘Sean Edwards’ (me incase you didn’t know :P) So just be aware of that if you’re wondering whee the f*ck the videos have gone. Plus I plan on getting some more regular uploads to the channel now with my new Minecraft let’s play (Both episodes can be found below) and some tutorials I plan on doing too (Well it’s about time!). So stick around and keep your eyes peeled for some new videos coming from me soon. :3

Do you like the new Blog theme?

Good day everyone! So after a long time of sticking with a very plain theme, I decided that it was time for a change. The new theme for the blog if you’re interested is called ‘San Kloud’ I think it looks pretty kewl but what about you? I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment :3

P.S- I’ve also changed the icon of the blog to my Minecraft skin :P

P.S.S- My internet is being the biggest pain in the ass recently so I do apologise for the lack of videos of the past 7530294 weeks.